Engage the Battlefront: Dive into Trait Wars with LadSwag’s November Whiskey NFTs!

Attention, digital warriors and NFT enthusiasts! This is not a drill. LadSwag is on the frontline, locked and loaded with an exciting new partnership that’s going to revolutionise your gaming experience. Say hello to Trait Wars, the ultimate NFT battle arena where your November Whiskey NFTs become your soldiers, and every battle is a step towards glory.

Deploy to TraitWars.io

In the heat of digital warfare, every NFT counts. Trait Wars is an on-chain, Top Trumps-style card game where strategy meets the blockchain. As a commander of your own NFT army, your mission is to outmanoeuvre opponents, climb the leaderboards, and secure your place in the annals of NFT history. It all begins at TraitWars.io.

LadSwag November Whiskey NFTs: Your New Battalion

LadSwag has partnered with Trait Wars to bring you the November Whiskey NFTs, a prestigious collection adorned with the cap badges of British Army regiments. These aren’t just any NFTs; they are your key to the battlefield. Whether you’re leading the infantry, charging with the cavalry, or executing covert operations with special forces, your NFTs are more than just collectibles—they are your warriors.

Ready, Set, Battle!

To enter the fray, simply load up your Cardano wallet. If you hold Invadaz or LadSwag NFTs, you’re eligible to play. Trait Wars seamlessly integrates with your wallet and Discord profile, ensuring you’re battle-ready in no time. And the best part? The game operates flawlessly on desktop and even better on mobile through Vespr Wallet’s built-in browser.

The Leaderboards: Where Legends Are Born

Trait Wars boasts both an all-time leaderboard and a weekly leaderboard. LadSwag ups the ante with weekly giveaways for the top three players, offering NFTs, tokens, and other coveted prizes. Remember, only holders can compete, so make sure your arsenal is stocked with the finest NFTs.

Unmatched Utility: The Power of LadSwag NFTs

The utility of LadSwag November Whiskey NFTs goes beyond the battlefield. These NFTs contribute to charity, participate in giveaways, and now, they fight for your honour in Trait Wars. This multi-faceted utility not only strengthens your collection but also binds the community together in a shared quest for victory. Engage in friendly banter, strategise with fellow holders, and build lasting camaraderie.

A Call to Arms for Founders

LadSwag is proud to be a trailblazer on Trait Wars, and we encourage other NFT projects to join the ranks. The integration process is swift—taking less than two weeks—and cost-effective. If you’re a founder looking to add robust utility to your NFTs, this is your rallying call. Trait Wars is the place to be for expanding horizons and deepening community engagement.

Marching Towards the Future

Currently in its MVP stage, Trait Wars is set to evolve and expand within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond. LadSwag is thrilled to be part of this pioneering journey, securing a spot early and witnessing the game’s evolution firsthand.

Join the Ranks: Mint Your LadSwag November Whiskey NFT

Don’t miss out on the action. Visit TraitWars.io, connect your wallet, and let your NFTs lead you to victory. Mint your LadSwag November Whiskey NFT today and become a part of this thrilling saga. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a new recruit, Trait Wars offers a battlefield rich with opportunity.


In the world of Trait Wars, strategy and valour reign supreme. With LadSwag’s November Whiskey NFTs, you have the power to dominate the battlefield, claim your place on the leaderboards, and forge unforgettable memories with your comrades. So, gear up, soldier. The battlefield awaits.

For more details, head over to TraitWars.io and enlist in the most exhilarating NFT game of our time. Will you rise to the challenge and secure your legacy?

About Trait Wars:
Trait Wars is a dynamic, blockchain-based card game that combines strategic gameplay with the exciting world of NFTs. Engage in epic battles, climb the leaderboards, and become part of a vibrant community where your digital collectables come to life.

About LadSwag:
LadSwag is a pioneering NFT project that brings unique, utility-driven digital assets to the Cardano blockchain. From contributing to charity to providing thrilling gaming experiences, LadSwag continues to push the boundaries of what NFTs can achieve.

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