Cardano Summit 2023: Uniting Communities and Nurturing Good

The Cardano Summit 2023 in London was an incredible experience that brought together individuals, projects, and communities in the Cardano ecosystem. It was a gathering of minds and a convergence of ideals, and I must say, it was truly inspiring.


Meeting Tony, Our 2iC:
One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to meet Tony, our Second-in-Command (2iC), face-to-face for the very first time. Putting a face to a name created a stronger sense of unity within our Cardano mission.

Bringing Family into Cardano:
I also had the pleasure of bringing my brother-in-law, Andy (@robsoaj), who was instrumental in my Cardano journey, to the summit. It’s important to share this amazing community with our loved ones and strengthen the bonds of our Cardano family.

Connecting with Amazing People and Projects:
The Cardano Summit was a hub for exceptional individuals and innovative projects. The sense of camaraderie and shared passion was palpable, reminding us all why we were here in the first place.

Stake Pool Operator (SPO) and Delegator Insights:
The SPO panel discussions were insightful, highlighting the desires and concerns of delegators. It was clear that the relationship between SPOs and delegators is pivotal to the Cardano ecosystem’s success.

NFT Projects and Community Building:
The creators’ panel, which I had the privilege to be a part of, shed light on the role of NFT projects in nurturing communities. It felt like NFT projects had the delegators while SPOs held the communities. There’s something profoundly symbiotic in this dynamic, and it’s essential that they work together seamlessly.

Unity within the Ecosystem:
Just as the military operates like a well-oiled machine, the Cardano ecosystem needs all its components to work together cohesively. SPOs, NFT projects, and the broader community must align their efforts to create a disciplined, regimented system.

The Initial Somber Atmosphere:
The beginning of the Cardano Summit had a somewhat sombre tone, with hints of a bear market in the air. However, things took a turn for the better when the Upstream (@Upstream_ada) Team took the stage, infusing the event with energy and enthusiasm.

The Role of Upstream:
Upstream Team once again demonstrated their exceptional hosting skills, bringing everyone together and elevating the summit to new heights.

Ticket Governance and Community Presence:
It was disappointing to learn that the Cardano Foundation had control over ticket allocation. The summit could have been even more vibrant if the Upstream Team had the power to distribute tickets. Nevertheless, the UK Cardano community was well represented, and attendees even travelled from Norway to be a part of this remarkable event.

Promoting LadSwag and NFTs:
Although I didn’t get to promote LadSwag and our NFT initiatives as much as I’d hoped, being part of the panel was a true honour and humbling experience. Being on a panel to discuss the positive impact of NFTs in the world was a highlight.

A New Layer for Cardano:
The Cardano strategy has always been about putting more into the ecosystem than taking out. I believe it needs an additional layer focused on the question, “What good does the project provide?” This speaks to a project’s integrity and should guide its path, helping people decide if they want to join that community.

Doing Good and Mass Adoption:
For Cardano to be taken seriously, we need to demonstrate our commitment to doing good. Charitable initiatives, such as investing funds from sources like the Royal British Legion into Cardano, can generate tremendous benefits for veterans without administrative overhead. It’s a strategy that aligns with mass adoption and the principle of putting in more than you take out.

The Cardano Summit 2023 left me feeling truly inspired, even if it required a couple of days of rest to fully digest the experience. Now, it’s time to refocus on building Swagger, our game that adds utility to our NFTs. But before that, I’ll be paying my respects on Remembrance Parade, acknowledging the sacrifices of our heroes and thanking them for their service. The Cardano community is not just about innovation but also about honouring the values that matter most.

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