How will it work?

ladswagcharity adahandle image

LadSwag strongly believes in the Cardano blockchain a decentralised proof of stake (PoS) cryptocurrency consensus mechanism. By utilising the PoS method we can take advantage of the staking rewards generated.

50% of the $ADA generated from each LadSwag mission (CNFT Project) will be accumulated on a Daedelus Wallet ($ladswagcharity) and placed within a staking pool (A4G).

The selected staking pool will generate $ADA called staking rewards. It is these staking rewards that are generated after each epoch (5days) that will be transferred to the LadSwag Charity (DAO Swag…see roadmap!). So! the more $ADA raised and staked the more rewards generated! Making the LadSwag community a continuous contributor to a great cause and a CNFT Community that makes a real difference through its art!

How will the funds be transferred?

We will be transferring our crypto to the charity via Pledge. Pledge is a fundraising company that makes it seamless to contribute cryptocurrency directly to charities worldwide. We are also looking into and researching decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) whereby funds can be issued directly to those veterans needing support.

How can I monitor the LadSwag charity wallet?

Go to search for ‘$ladswagcharity‘ this our adahandle dedicated to the LadSwag charity wallet. You will be able to see the pot generated, who we have staked with. We will also be announcing on our discord the staking rewards transferred to the charity of choice after each epoch.

What will happen if LadSwag disbands? 

The full pot within $ladswagcharity wallet will be shared equally to all those Cardano wallets holding a LadSwag NFT (less transaction fees).

Can I contribute directly rather than buying CNFT’s? 

Yes! you can simply send $ADA to the following wallet ($ladswagcharity) address: