Cardano Summit 2023: Uniting Communities and Nurturing Good

Cardano Summit 2023: A convergence of minds and missions. From meeting Tony face to face to discussions on NFTs and community building, it's clear – Cardano is more than a blockchain; it's a united force for good. Inspired, honored, and ready to build Swagger for a brighter Cardano future. #CardanoSummit #BlockchainForGood πŸš€
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Unleashing the Power of LadSwag: A Revolutionary NFT Programme for Charity and Adventure

Join the ranks of LadSwag, a groundbreaking NFT programme that combines charity, giveaways, loyalty rewards, and affiliation. Embrace the thrill of supporting veteran-based charities while indulging in exciting giveaways and competitions. Earn Ambassador status with perpetual $ADA rewards and drop $NFTC tokens as a proud affiliate. Brace yourself for the forthcoming Lima Bravo mission, a 2D NFT battle game that promises adventure. LadSwag: where innovation meets philanthropy, forging a new path in the world of NFTs.
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Attention all troops! Our very own LadSwag founder Barney has recently completed a daring mission: appearing on the Machine Media ‘Paws Live’ YouTube show! This was no easy feat, even for a seasoned tank commander who has seen some action. It was the first time Barney had been on a panel-style YouTube show to shill LadSwag, and it was a daunting task, to say the least.

Barney had only ever been on a handful of YouTube videos before. The first was an interview about his military actions in Iraq on “TEA & MEDALS – Ambush in Basra: How These British Soldiers Survived” and the second was an interview about LadSwag by the Upstream lads on “Upstream Asks: LadSwag – Supporting the Royal British Legion Through NFTs.”

That said, Barney has been warming up to the gig with a couple of stints on the “Shilling with the Homies” Twitter space and even co-hosted a couple of times. He was on Shillin with the Homies with two legends in the space, @TitlePendnGames and @Powderyhotfuz. Then there was a drunken appearance on the “Humpday Space” with @MaraMareNFT. Let’s just say Barney’s performance was not great, and he’s not too sure Maria has forgiven him just yet! That said LadSwag 2iC @Tea_D74 stole the show and had his six!

Despite these appearances, going on Paws Live was very different, sitting on a panel and discussing CNFT projects and getting the chance to shill LadSwag with some very smart guys in the Cardano NFT space. The host, @NFT_Machinist, co-host @erocks79 and the guests, Cardano Canines – @Cardano_Canines, Lurkers – @cnfTagz with a couple of star guest appearances from his Mrs @Mrs_Lurker, and Aping Riot – @Yoda_ApingRiot & @opgameoverx, were amazing to hang out with. It was great to hear about everyone’s history and journey so far, especially the story behind both Lurkers and Aping Riot. Both projects had been rugged and had been brought back to life by the communities and these leaders, which was great to hear.

It was really inspiring to see so many people with military backgrounds and service experience involved in the NFTC space. One example was the leader of Cardano Canines, who is not only an ex-serviceman, but also a firefighter. Seeing someone who has dedicated their life to serving others bring that same spirit of service to the NFT world is truly impressive, and it shows that the values we learned in the military can be applied in many different contexts. It was an honour to be part of a community that includes such dedicated and talented individuals.

It was also great to hear about NFTC (NFT Creative), where we are all affiliates. The NFTC community is amazing, and it was reassuring to hear how great it is. With LadSwag being a newbie in the NFTC community, it was very exciting to hear about the future and how it can build on the relationships formed.

The host absolutely smashed it, and the desire to do good in the Cardano eco-space was loud and proud. @NFT_Machinist didn’t get the chance to shill his own project, but @cnfTagz selflessly had his back with a fabulous overview of Paws for a Cause, a fellow charity-based NFT project. It was a great night, time flew with lots of ideas flying around, open discussions and great banter. Well worth the time having a watch, subscribing and hitting the notification button so that you can get ready for the next one and the Chop Shop! (#probablynothing). Barney is certainly excited about the future of LadSwag, and he’s itching to get back on the panel (if they would have him..obvs!).

From Tank Commander to YouTube Panelist: An Experience on ‘Paws Live’