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The Furman Files: An NFT Project for the Future

Atten-hut! It’s time to drop some knowledge about an exciting new NFT project that opened for minting just yesterday. It’s called The Furman Files and it’s a project that is sure to get your tail wagging!

So what is The Furman Files? It’s a limited edition collection of 1000 NFTs featuring Teddy Furman, the short-tempered, honey-loving main character of “Not From There!” And let me tell you, these NFTs are something special. Each one can be minted at 100 $ADA each, and there was even a discounted mint for NFTC Mega Pass holders.

But what makes The Furman Files so special? Well, for one, the rarity chart is off the charts. You can check it out for yourself at And then there’s the fact that this project is just getting started. They’ve already completed steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5 of their roadmap, which included launching on Twitter and finding an incredible artist to bring this collection to life. They’re now moving onto step six, which is creating an animated TV series called “Not From There” centred around Teddy Furman and his adventures.

Holders of The Furman Files NFTs are in for a treat! Not only will they be able to show off their Teddy Furman avatar in the Metaverse, but there will also be a range of exciting Metaverse integrations to be revealed soon. So get ready to strut your stuff as the world’s favourite bear and stay tuned for more updates!

And let’s not forget about the team behind this amazing project. Samuel (@SlothX), the owner and CEO of XSlothSociety, XTortoise, Furman Files, and the “Not From There” animated cartoon series, is an entrepreneur at heart who strives to advance the NFT infrastructure by doing things that have never been done before. Andrew (@Mullet Lord || NFTC), the owner of NFTCreative, has been a proud supporter of Cardano since the beginning and sees it as a sandbox for limitless innovation. And Nathan (@NateFromThere), the owner of NFDevils, is a health and fitness enthusiast who works as a teacher and coach in Western Australia.

So, troops, if you want to be part of The Furman Files, check out the Twitter account @FurmanFiles, Discord server at, and these following links to stay up-to-date on progress:

NFTCreative Discord –
NFTCreative Twitter –
Not From There Discord –

As a loyal supporter of The Furman Files, I can’t wait for the animated series to drop. And let me tell you, I’ve got some high hopes for this show. Wouldn’t it be a real treat if some NFTC affiliates made a cameo appearance? Maybe even a Ladswag badge or two? Let’s keep our eyes peeled for any Easter eggs hidden within the animation.

But that’s not all, soldiers! The Furman Files is also affiliated with NFT Creative, which means that simply by holding a Furman, you can collect $NFTC tokens from at each epoch. This project is a vital part of the NFTC ecosystem and is powered by the mighty Cardano blockchain. I have no doubt that The Furman Files will continue to soar to new heights of success. Now, I must warn you that I may be a little biased, as Ladswag is also an affiliate of NFT Creative. But that’s just one of the many badges that we proudly wear as part of a team of like-minded NFT nerds. And let me tell you, Furman, may not say it himself, but he wears that badge with pride.

So, troops, you can bet your bottom dollar that I fully endorse this project. I minted four Furman NFTs myself last night, and I’m eagerly awaiting where they’ll take me next.

In summary, The Furman Files is an NFT project for the future, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to own a piece of Teddy Furman’s adventures. Get your NFT today and join them on their mission to make history in the world of CNFT!

Minting started on May 5th, so get yours now!

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